What we learnt from SANS 7.3 and why Delta’s UV Protective Sleeves are an absolute MUST for all Installers:Gas Geyser Pipe LPGAS Sleeves The following requirements shall be considered and applied in addition to any similar specific details that might be introduced by the installer:
a) HDPE pipes shall be used for the conveyance of LPG vapour only, and shall be buried;
b) composite pipe is subject to the following requirements:
1) usage above ground is allowed subject to the pipe being protected from direct sunlight;
2) when embedded in walls or floors, no joints shall be allowed in the embedded sections;
3) no joints are allowed in pipe sections passing through cavity walls;
4) use in ceilings is prohibited unless such pipes are enclosed in a steel sleeve and have no joints.
5) contact with solvents shall be avoided; If a gas installation is required in a building that has floors of concrete or other solid material,
where the building plans are required (see, they shall indicate one of the following concepts:
a) ducts or trenches of approved depth; or
b) sleeves; or
c) fully embedded pipes…/ When pipes are chased in a concrete floor,
f) steel and copper pipes shall be protected against corrosion in an approved manner.
NOTE Protection may mean an electrical conduit for copper tubing, or a wrapping for copper or steel piping, or plastic coating, etc.


UV Stabilised
Save time – Less Installation Time
Save Money – Less Fittings
Can bend 90 Degrees
Heat Resistant up to 90 Degrees Celsius
Can be fitted in direct sunlight or into Concrete slabs
Brittle Free
LP Gas type colour (Tanned)
Comes in 50m Rolls


Well. What can I say. The new sleeving is a lot better than I
anticipated. Being able to run the pex pipe complete with all
the bends and then just push the sleeving on from start to
finish is fantastic. I have also found that it is easier to push
this sleeving through the 25mm drilled hole than it is to push
PVC conduit through.

Not having to paint conduit and struggle to push pex through
conduit elbows saves hours and it saves money.
Another huge bonus is being able to easily cut the sleeving
with the same pex cutters and not having to use an angle
grinder or a hacksaw. An Excellent product that finishes
off any installation with a professional touch.

Robb – GHO GAS


Continuous temperature rating (90°C)
• Maximum continuous temperature that the pipe can withstand.

Vicat Point (5 kg)
• The determination of the softening point for materials that have no definite melting point,
such as plastics. It is taken as the temperature at which the specimen is penetrated to a
depth of 1 mm by a flat-ended needle.

Hardness (Shore D)
• Measures the hardness of semi-rigid plastics and hard plastics.

• The degree of compactness of a substance – solidity, solidness, denseness.

Yield Point
• The stress at which an elastic material under increasing stress ceases to behave elastically.

• Measure of the ductility of a material as determined by a tension test, it is the increase in
the gauge-length of a test specimen after fracture divided by its original gauge-length.

Flexural Modulus
• The intensive property that is computed as the ratio of stress to strain in flexural

Tensile Strength
• Tensile strength the resistance of a material to breaking under tension.

Impact Strength
• The ability of a material to absorb shock and impact energy without breaking.

• The flammability of polymeric (plastic) materials in response to a open flame or radiant heat