Constant Temperature Gas Geyser

  • Q: Why is this constant temperature unit the ultimate choice?
  • A: It offers the best of both worlds, fan forced against other free flow and setting flow/gas valves, without electricity and have not to invest additional capital outlay for a power UPS.


  • Q: Is it therefore equal to the electric fan forced units?
  • A: No!, BUT is 45 % better than the diaphragm models, with a very reasonable reduction of gas usage over the old models and only 8% more than the big brother fan forced units.


  • Q: How does it work?
  • A: The proportional valve have a two port, small diverted section and large diverted section. In event of lower water flow, the large proportional valve will close, maintaining the set temperature. In the event of increased water flow, the controlled large section of the proportional valve will open to maintain the set temperature.


  • Q: Why two Type D batteries?
  • A: Rivals did not do their homework properly. One Battery ONLY last 55 days on normal use! Delta Gas unit lasts 230 days on normal use. (Less maintenance calls!)