Diaphragm Geysers

Q: When you mix the water in the shower the geyser switches off
A: Pressure to low closing the micro switch switching the geyser off, Please fit non return valve and check all the sieve
Q:The geyser sparks but does not flame up?
A: Solenoid faulty, bypass the flue sensor if fitted outside to check, or check gas line
Q: The geyser switches off after 2-5min?
A: Flue sensor faulty can bypass to check but needs to be replaced
Q: When the wind blows the flame out?
A:Weather box fitted can swop the middle sensor pin to the right to check, but check gas at the geyser when commissioning the line pressure to be checked
Q: the geyser is running but the water is cold?
A: Diaphragm is relaxed not pushing the plunger deep enough to get the gas to the burner.